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Central Park

I know this is my third post on New York, but it’s a massive place and we did a lot. The cruises were fantastic, the trip to Ellis Island was educational and insightful, and the museums were a wonder.

Central Park was amazing too. We hired a model sailboat and I spent my half hour making it spin in circles, slowly moving away from me to the other side of the pond. This wasn’t my intention, I wanted to move it closer so, in a straight line but I suppose it liked circles. Then this kid, about 10-11 came and controlled another boat, the boat came to him within seconds at such a speed, while mine moved further and further away. It was great fun.

We also had a lovely walk around the pond and the park itself. I loved the wildlife. Bernie, one of the Big Bus Tour guides says we mustn’t tell the wildlife that the park is man-made. They think it’s real. I can see why, look at how cute they look.

Council House-23


I’ve never seen wild turtles before, only baby ones in a pet shop or adults in the zoo. One thing is certain though, no matter their environment, they like to play musical statues (just without the music). I don’t think I’ve known any other kind of creatures that move so little.

Herman the Tortoise. I named him (I assume him, I didn’t check and he wasn’t much for conversation) Herman because he reminds me of the Hermann tortoise my mom (no, I am not American, Brummies spell it m-o-m despite there being no Mom cards here in the uk) bought me. I named my tortoise Speedella and she looks just like Herman. I was surprised to find him so close to water when tortoises can’t swim but I suppose it’s a great source of water to drink too. He was happy for the attention though.

Council House-25Council House-26

I don’t have much to say here, except I think this is the best photo I’ve ever taken. Can anyone think of a name for this beauty?Council House-20

I have no idea what these birds are, but this image made me think they were playing follow the leader. I immediately got an image of Disney’s animated Peter Pan when all the lost boys were following John.Council House-19


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