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So there is going to be a big site update based on disability. Helpful information, equipment and tips and tricks.

I just thought to let you all know that I am planning to do a big update on my site and want to tell you all what I have planned. I’m not sure if I will convert it onto this blog or link it in. Let’s see.

A few years ago I made another website for my Media course work called Disabilityisus. Its main purpose was to inform people about various disabilities and mental health, but I used the web-hosting client over At the time, I didn’t like the styles and complexity of WordPress and loved how Weebly let me enter my own HTML.

Like many other “free at the time” things, Weebly has fallen into a black hole known to all as capitalism and I hadn’t really updated the site for ages. Now when I look back at it, I realised that it is barely usable. The layout is awful. The information scattered. But I want to try and salvage some of it. So I am making a new top level tab with the name: “More on Disability”.

It will include features such as

  • Cooking Equipment
    • Preparation and Serving
  • Driving and Travel
    • Blue Badge, Getting a Car, Learning to Drive
  • Personal Care Tips & Tricks
    • Making the Bed, Washing
  • University support.
    • Transition from College to University
  • Your Stories
    • Stories sent in by people with disabilities.

Other possibilities include:

  • Meeting and Greeting
    • The does and don’t of greeting a disabled person
  • Changes in the world of Disability
  • How disability is viewed.

The tab is there for everyone, disabled or not, to gain valuable information. So I would like your suggestions on what you would like to see. You don’t need a disability to have great suggestions. Just ideas.

Feel free to comment or use the request form and share with friends.

You are also free to comment site improvements 


  1. This is so important ❤
    I think something which matters to me, someone in the disabled ‘grey area’, is having someone understand and help with what you need.
    I had a blood clot 2 years ago, caused by lifting heavy weights. Therefore every time I lift anything heavy I get this panic and I feel like I can’t do it. And although I am not disabled, I do see myself as having a lack of mobility in my arms; which is one of the classifications of disability.
    Therefore I am interested in your college to uni section as one of my biggest concerns is moving in (with all my heavy boxes) and shopping (with bags which are potentially to heavy to carry).

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